Durability is an essential feature on a heavy-duty pickup truck. After all, such trucks handle some incredibly tough jobs. Ford wants pickup truck shoppers to know the Super Duty delivers the right mix of power and performance. Once you see its durability specs, you might be incredibly impressed.

Both the frame and the body of the truck offer impressive durability innovations. The aluminum alloy that comprises the body reaches military-grade levels, and powerful steel comprises roughly 95% of the frame. Those materials come together to create a tough, Ford tough, pickup. Such durability makes the Super Duty well-suited for work in Commerce.

Ford put the Super Duty through rigorous testing far beyond what most vehicles experience. The trial sees the pickup exposed to temperatures -20 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That is one environmentally tough model.

It is not tough to set up a test drive in a Ford Super Duty. Call Billy Cain Ford Inc. to ask one of the representatives to schedule one.


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