New Ford Trucks, Cars, & SUVs for Sale in Commerce, GA

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New Ford Vehicles for Sale in Commerce, GA

There are a lot of vehicles on the road, but the Ford line has enjoyed decades of popularity for a reason. The new Ford inventory on our lot is certainly something special, and you can purchase one of your own when you visit Billy Cain Ford Inc. in the Royston area. We have a great selection of Ford vehicles, including a large selection of commercial trucks & vans near Gillsville, GA and we're excited to show you exactly what we have in store.

New Ford Trucks and Vans

Ford is known for its durable pickup trucks, so you should definitely take a look at the Ford Ranger, Super Duty F-250, and F-150. You're sure to find something in this lineup if you're looking for a great vehicle that's built to last. The F-150 is one of the most popular models, coming with a full line of technology features that will get you excited, such as the FordPass app, which links up with the vehicle. Through this app, you can start, stop, lock, and unlock your vehicle with your smartphone.

Plus, you'll still get all of the regular exterior features that you've come to know and love. The Super Duty and Ranger are two other pickup trucks that have similar features with slightly differing exteriors.

If you need a work vehicle that's ready for anything that you throw at it, take a look at the Ford Transit van. This van offers seating for 15 people, which is a great option for many businesses that are looking to provide transportation to guests, residents, employees, and other folks. It's also a great vehicle for very large families.

New Ford SUVs and Crossovers

When you want something that's a little bigger than a sedan but still smaller than a truck and with plenty of seating, take a look at an SUV or crossover like the new Bronco or Bronco Sport. The Ford Escape is one of Ford's most popular SUVs, and it has seating for up to five people. It's also great for when you want to have some extra space for hauling cargo.

If you have a larger family or just need the extra room for loading up gear, take a look at the Ford Explorer. This large SUV has seating for up to seven people. If you need even more space, consider buying the Ford Expedition, which can seat up to eight people. Finally, the Ford Flex might be more your style if you want to seat up to seven people. But it's great if you want to be able to easily get in and out of it because it has a lower ground clearance than a large SUV.

Financing Options and Services Near Danielsville, GA

If you're looking to buy a new vehicle, you'll likely need help with the financing. At our dealership in the Jeffersonville area, we can help you find the financing options to suit your budget.

You might also be wondering what would happen if you got a flat tire or needed a part replaced. If you ever need a repair or replacement on a part, we have a full-service service department to take care of you and your vehicle. Our mechanics are fully trained to work on Ford vehicles, so you can trust that your vehicle is in good hands. We also use only original Ford parts so that you can know that what we're putting in your vehicle will last for several years.